Short / Long Term Respite Care


Is your caretaker going away for a while? If yes, then the best way to manage temporarily is to avail of our short term or long-term respite care services. Applicable to senior citizens and the disabled, this service includes providing medical support along with taking care of your daily needs. One of our team members will be assigned to you for as long as you want him/her.

All our services are usually provided at the doorstep, whether you stay in a community or live with your family. You can boo for our services on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Whether you need them for a span of a few months or even years, you can make your bookings accordingly.

Our respite care services include finishing your household chores like laundry, dishwashing, cooking and cleaning along with taking care of your personal and medical needs. So, if you need help with dressing up, going to the washroom or getting up from bed, your assigned caretaker will help you with that too.

Our respite care services can be:

  • Community-based
  • Centre-based
  • Cottage-based
  • Flexible