Daily Living Skills


It can be really disturbing when you need someone to help you get up in the morning because you can’t do something that simple by yourself. That feeling of dependency can go if we find out a way in which we can learn to live with our disability on our own.


Yes, we’re talking about learning new ways to do simple things that we do every day – like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, doing the dishes or going out. As you start improving your health and mobility, you gain more independence and lead a more normal life. One in which you’re working independently.

With an aim to help the disabled lead a life that is as normal and independent as everyone else, here’s what we provide:

  • Assisting in improving movement and mobility
  • Helping in basic self-care activities like brushing, combing, bathing and dressing
  • Training to perform household chores like cooking, washing and cleaning independently
  • Improving overall health and fitness with whatever disability the patient has
  • Travel assistance

This program is applicable to anyone who has a disability, medical condition or injury due to which their movement is restricted for good. Irrespective of your age, whether you have never been able to walk all your life or have been in that condition for a while now, we’ll help you live a new way of life, that is a lot more self-satisfying and easy.