Assistance with daily life tasks - Group / Shared living


Assistance with daily life tasks – Group/Shared living

Given the complexity of life, all persons who are living with a disability have got certain specific needs to be taken care of. This is where our services come in.

So, what we do is, essentially, we get you an NDIS approved custom-made panacea. This is done so that any person living with a disability can avail themselves of the best of solace for themselves. We assure our sincere commitment by offering you all the needful assistance. This includes our services right from planning to deployment of the support provider.

An important point of consideration here would be the aids for NDIS funded assistance. What happens is that as daily life tasks can now be largely customized for shared or group living, here the expenses will reflect on the user’s specifically prioritized needs.

Speaking of which includes a situation where- assistance in case of a complex condition that requires additional support will be given. And then again during the holiday or extended weekend season, the expense may add on a little bit. So, in such situations, the NDIS will direct the payment to your caregiver directly.

Our team is built of reliable and efficient professionals who are experienced in what they do. Besides that, they are qualified to assist our customers with their everyday life tasks in this category along with others too. Our support team ensures a lasting relationship both for short term or long term cliental.

We are proud to tell you that our assistance with the daily life task is smoothly blended with a couple of different curriculum activities. These include developing skills for personal growth and a flexible self-care routine.

We gladly assure our customers that they can enjoy the full flexibility for people with disabilities across all age groups. What we can also say for sure is that our portfolio of services envelopes all needs for living a respectable life. These would include aspirational as well as practical understanding of the environment around us. Our tasks encourage both outdoor and indoor movements.

Some of our exhaustive services include the following:

  • Personal hygiene tasks like dressing/undressing, showering, oral hygiene, etc.
  • Washroom assistance upon nature’s call
  • Eating or drinking assistance
  • Mobility assistance
  • Medical and personal visits