Assistance With Daily Life


Are you living alone and having problems doing your daily chores independently? If yes, then you require a helping hand – a caretaker who can be there with you all the time. He or she can assist you in walking, getting up, sitting, sleeping, taking medicines, cooking food and all other necessary activities. In short, you can get some assistance with daily life while you’re alone and need support.


This service mostly applies to senior citizens, disabled, injured or people with serious medical conditions. You can ask for a long term or short-term service, depending on your situation. In most cases, we assign one of our team members to come and stay with you till you need them. They’ll take care of your needs, give you company and help you become more self-sufficient.


Providing assistance with daily life is a little different from just nursing. This is because the purpose behind availing of this service is to be able to stand on your feet once again. Even if you can’t heal, what we try doing here is help you with movements and do your basic chores by yourself. This might take a few days, months or even years – depending on your problem and ability to heal or work.


Here’s what it includes :

  • Assisting you with movements
  • Helping you do your daily chores and household work
  • Living with you for as long as you need – either short term or long term
  • The training you to become independent once again